Can Sevilla Shock Mourinho’s, Red Devils?

One half of the season is over it’s almost 2018 already, and we can’t wait for the other half to begin after the winter break to begin because with it we will find our selves getting excited about the Champions League knockout stages. The round of 16 will be played midweek during the month of February and there are a lot of matches that could turn out really entertaining but right now we are focusing on the tie that belongs to the most followed club in the world, Manchester United. You can log onto for more information on Manchester United vs Sevilla.

Sevilla are a team that has been ruthless in Europe over the last few years, winning two Europa League titles consecutively but the last two years have been kind of a blowout for them as they have failed have any major effect on the Champions League. They are facing the mighty Red Devils with the Special One at the helm and weirdly they are also the current Europa League holders. Sevilla have failed to perform to their best in the league also this season and their fans are really frustrated with their performance specially after the match with Real Madrid in which they were really exposed.

Manchester United on the other hand topped their group in the Champions League and are second on the Premier League table but ten points behind the leaders, Manchester City. They have really had problems when they have come up against the two other stronger teams, Chelsea and Manchester City losing both the ties. The injury of Paul Pogba has really halted a great start to their season and as a squad they are capable of way more. They haven’t had a great season but a good one but have ample time to change that judgement with Jose Mourinho’s effectiveness in the Champions League.