Can’t Stream Your Favorite Shows? Try An Anonymous VPN

No matter what you do, some video streaming websites with geo-restrictions will remain unavailable in your country and location. A real bummer when you’ve scoured the internet but the only place to watch the shows with quality and are not dubbed in a foreign language doesn’t want to give you access just because of your location. Have you tried an anonymous VPN? With the help of VPN, geo-restrictions and privacy concerns will be a thing of the past.

IP Vanish

A preferred choice by users in search for incredibly quick VPN when playing online games, streaming movies in HD and many other tasks IP Vanish is the well-secured VPN that offers full privacy features. Based in the US, this VPN controls and owns a whole network of what we call ‘Tier 1’ servers. In terms of privacy as well as performance, this is advantageous since there are no third party companies or servers in the overall infrastructure. The VPN at IP Vanish is an astonishing network of over a thousand servers stretched in sixty countries. Besides the aforementioned facts, IP Vanish boasts VPN with zero logs and military grade encryption. Hence it’s not at all that surprising that IPVanish is the go-to VPN provider for data intensive tasks, privacy and the unblocking of geo-restricted tasks.

As we mentioned, IP Vanish is packed with some of the best security features relevant to VPN. A handful of these features are useful particularly for mobile devices. One of which is the network blocking feature which protects the user against unsafe networks; devices can automatically connect to these networks, exposing the device to hackers. Three different VPN protocols are installed in IPVanish; L2TP, OpenVPN and PPTP. Out of these protocols, they highly recommend OpenVPN since it’s the most secure and PPTP is already considered as an outdated encryption.