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FB Pages Manager – Managing Pages Made Easier

At last, the intense prayer of Facebook page heads or administrators have finally been answered. Facebook launched the FB Pages Manager application for iPhone making it easier and less demanding for page administrators to effectively deal and manage their Facebook pages. The Facebook Page application for mobile has the capacity of managing FB pages the easy way, yet not with similar features and usually with various bugs when it came to appropriately posting content.

The Key to More Effective Facebook Pages Management

Your Page is said to be your business presence in Facebook. Furthermore, much the same with up close and personal contact in a shop, supportive and helpful customer service and positive experiences in your page are vital to succeed. This comes from effective page management therefore; the FB Page Manager has great contribution on the efficiency and success of your page management.

Your Page is set up to make simple and quick to see and react to remarks and messages from clients, with essential features such as notifications. Additionally, Page Insights demonstrate to you which posts are getting individuals intrigued and interested, which can help you make more compelling posts later on.

For more effective page management, the FB Pages Manager helps you do the following:

  • Post updates, photographs, videos, and respond to the comments in your page
  • View and answer messages.
  • Obtain push notifications for Page tips, activities and updates.
  • View your Page Insights and deal with your settings and Page administrators.

The FB Pages Manager also provides administrators with comprehensive overview of page stats and insights including a breakdown of the number of individuals the page has actually reached and the number of individuals discussing the page along with trend graphs. This also allows administrators to channel between individual posts from the users clients, the page’s posts or the concealed posts.