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The Path and Teachings of the Buddha

People commonly think of the historical person when referring to Buddha. He is actually Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, and is just the first person to achieve enlightenment. However, Buddhism tells that Buddha is actually the pure entity or Buddha seed that people naturally have. Moreover, one of the concepts in Buddhism is the “Dharma”, which talks about the path and the teachings of the Buddha that people should follow to free their selves from sufferings or “dukkha”.

What is the Dharma or Path and Teachings of Buddha?

In Buddhism, the truth and existence of “dukkha” or “sufferings” is highly acknowledged. One of the fundamentals of its teachings actually tells about the freedom from sufferings. It tells about leaning on the triple gems to achieve liberation, and for a person to be successful in practicing the noble eightfold path.

The Dharma is the path and teaching a person can follow to free himself from dukkha. It involves the teachings of the Buddha, especially the noble eightfold path and the triple gems that the person can lean on. There is the Buddha or the innate seed of kindness and compassion within every person, which can guide an individual through the path. Moreover, the “Sangha” that could be understood as the community of Buddhism followers is also one of the refuge one can go to achieve liberation from dukkha.

The teachings tells more about such path towards freedom, and the way towards achieving enlightenment. This can let you learn more about the way in knowing the true nature of life, and deal with the presence of dukkha in your own.

The teachings of the Buddha is extremely large and rich. The dharma is just a part of it, although it is one of the most important thing to remember. Know more about Buddhism, for you to further understand the path towards freedom from sufferings.