Hair loss causes and treatment

Hair Loss is one of the most prominent disease that affects many of us at different ages, there is no exact age to suffer the problem also the reasons vary to different people. Everyone wants to get rid of hair loss and also the other major problem we face is unwanted growth of hair in different parts of the body. These two problems give lots of tensions as the causes of hair losses are Systemic hair loss, thyroid, anemia, protein deficiency and low vitamin levels.

Factors and causes of hair loss

There are different kinds of hair loss and hair deficiency, in order to know the type of your hair fall or loss you need to see the concerned doctor. Talking in general most of the hair losses are not associated with any kind of systematic disease or internal disease, as you grow older the thickness of hair is affected resulting strength of hair collapsing day by day. The main reason of hair loss mainly caused due to predetermined genetic factors, the most common age known for hair loss is in between 30s and 40s.

Hair gain treatment

In order to gain strength of hair and fight against 全身脱毛, all you need is to live your life stress free. For many doctors and research has shown people with more stress are more prone to lose hair than the stress free people. Providing protein to hair with oiling and protein intake also helps to strength the thickness as prevention is better than cure, following healthy diet and proper exercise also helps to gain strength with natural ways.

In case you want to see doctor, it is important to know what type of doctor treats Systemic hair loss. In most of the cases family physicians, internist and gynecologist helps in treatment. For specialization you may go for Dermatologist as they carry specialization in skin, nails and hair care.