How To Excel In Essay Writing

Struggling to write a proper essay is something most people have to deal with. In order to help you make sure this does not happen anymore, here are four tips which will enable you to excel in essay writing all the time. So here goes:

  • Choose your Subject Properly: Now, if you are already given a subject then you don’t get to choose, true. But in case you are not given one, then it is up to you to choose a proper subject to base your essay on. Once you know your subject, gather as much information as you can on it. Pick a subject which interests you, then you will have that motivation to know more about it.
  • Structure: Structuring your essay is the most important part of your essay and that is where people face the most difficulty. So, in order to make the process easy, first jot down the important points on your subject. These points should be the ones on which your essay will be based upon, and suffice it to say that the structure will be based on them too.
  • Number of words: Based on this, you can determine how many points you should include in your essay, and how much you should write under each point. There should be an introduction and a conclusion. Count the paragraphs and find out on an average how many words should be there in each paragraph. This will help immensely in structuring your essay.
  • Content: Once you have the structure and points, writing down the content will be no more difficult. Read the points and summarise on each in your own words. Analyse what other people have said on the subject, and write your own thoughts as to whether you find that good or not.