Know Everything About Football Betting Tips

When I say that football is not a sport but a religion unto itself, that wouldn’t be an exaggeration. It is the singular sport which has such a massive following in all the parts of the world. The World Cup being one of the biggest stages, where the players enter the football pitch; their heads held high with pride. Representing one’s nation is the highest honor a player can receive. That being said, a lot of people watch such competitions on their televisions, and therein lies an opportunity to make some money. Football betting tips if gotten from the right source can make you rich quite easily.

History of Football betting:

The history of bookmaking stretches back to the 20th century England. Earlier, ‘wagers’ or ‘bets’ were made in only two sports – horse racing and greyhound racing. The betting was performed either live on the tracks or in designated betting shops. These shops gave the impression of some of the meaner looking pubs in the area, and were mostly avoided by women. To make matters worse, taxes were levied on each bet made. Things got better though with the introduction of TV sets in the shops in 1987. The law surrounding the sport relaxed, and tax on betting was eventually stopped in 2001.

The question remains as it is, what was it that aroused such an interest in football betting? One of the reasons might have to do with the acquisition by the satellite channel Sky sports of the rights to broadcast England’s top-division.  The deal cost a whopping 304m pounds, in 1992 that was quite a huge sum. Another reason was the emergence of brash young talents like Andy Cray and Ryan Giggs, who made such great contributions to the game, and the rest, well you know the rest is history.

Another important factor was the reach. ITV’s last season as right holders of top flight  football, they would broadcast games only on some weekends. Sky sports however, broadcasted one and Sunday and also on Monday. These live games really fostered the betting culture, and it gained a popularity never seen before. That’s about the history, now let’s look at some Football betting tips.

Football betting tips:

With the advent of the Internet, football betting became much easier not to mention  it became accessible to anyone who had a working Internet connection. The Internet is an excellent resource to some of the best Football betting tips. There are websites which you can join for free and start betting on your favorite clubs with simply a couple of clicks.

These websites offer a range of services. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Football betting tips
  • Performance index
  • Tip of the day
  • Tips from the best tipsters
  • Coverage of all major football leagues
  • News on managers
  • Transfer news

And much more. Football betting is a lucrative market and one who is shrewd enough stands a chance to earn a lot of money. People can even do it as a hobby, or think of it as an additional income. It’s the thrill and excitement that goes with it, which makes people come back for more. The sites offer invaluable advice and you won’t be disappointed. Happy betting!