The Best Sites for Bitcoin Exchange

One of the greatest buzzes that surround the internet nowadays is Cryptocurrency. While it has often been touted to be a great way in order for you to earn money, this is not always the reality for some. This is because it needs a lot of skill, quick-thinking, and of course, a stroke of luck in order to be done. The earnings usually come if you sell bitcoin for usd paypal. In order to make the most out of this venture, however, it is ideal that you involve yourself in sites that are legit, and make the process much easier for you. Which are the best sites to do bitcoin trading? Let’s find out below.


It is, arguably, the safest platform for you to do bitcoin exchange. This is because all transactions are monitored, and swift investigation can be guaranteed among whenever suspicious ones are being picked up. It comes with a free $10 Bitcoin incentive when you buy $100 worth of bitcoins, and the interface, aside from being safe is one which is intuitive, and thus, very easy. It’s a site that best for those who are still starting, and users can also make use of “dollar cost averaging”, which allows users to buy bitcoins automatically, either monthly or weekly, making it so much more convenient for them.

In the trading of bitcoins, indeed, safety is everything. This safety is one which LocalBitCoins takes pride in, with a built-in escrow system which allows individuals to be kept safe from scammers. It gives you access for locations of sellers both inside and within the country, and all of it could be done in a mere glance. It is not, however, a proper platform for bitcoin exchange to take place, but nevertheless you can be assured of your safety.