UG5’s Arcade Games To Help Relax Your Mind

Games are great for helping you pass the time in a relaxing manner, sure you can watch a movie instead but playing relaxing games creates that sweet spot between basically doing nothing while getting your mind busy enough to be considered fun. These kinds of games are typically found on the internet one websites like unblocked games UG5. Here you’ll find an overwhelming number of games to pick from, all of which are categorized. Arcade games are included in the category and a couple of the games under the category are listed below.

Nom Nom Kitties

The gameplay is quite easy when read, there are basically kitties on the screen which you’ll feed by using the arrow keys. Fish will be thrown above their head, click on the corresponding arrow keys to open the mouths of the kitties and feed them all the fish available. The higher the count of fishes that they get to eat, the higher your score. But watch out though, because bombs gets mixed with fish. Once a bomb is in the air, let go of the arrow keys to close their mouths; you wouldn’t want the kitties to explode right? Catch enough gold fish and unlock cuter kitty avatars.

Mine Rescue

The premise here is that the avatar is a miner that gets stuck in a mine alongside his friends due to it collapsing. Players must rescue their friends by searching and strategically planting a limited number of bombs in order to reach the others. Take note that, as mentioned, the bombs are limited so really think about the placement and walk away from the bomb’s explosion proximity once planted. Otherwise, the avatar will be killed and it’s game over for you; movement is controlled by the arrow keys and bombs are planted with the cursor.