Which Massage Is Best For You?

In various spas, it is not uncommon to see a wide array of massages being offered. With that said, apart from deep tissue massage Austin, common types of massage include Ashiatsu, or Shiatsu massage, as well as Thai Massage. The deep tissue massage is less common, while the latter two types are more commonly offered across spas. What sets these three apart from each other? When is best to get each type of massage? Let’s have a look below.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is best for those who have been afflicted with either arthritis and/or tendinitis, as the massage is administered in such a way that it penetrates deep into the fascia and the musculature. In this particular massage, it has to be made sure that the patient is kept as relaxed as possible, lest the therapist would have a hard time in reaching the deeper parts.

Thai Massage

As its name suggests, Thai massage is a type of massage which originated in Thailand. Unlike other massages, it does not make use of any form of oil, and the original creator of this style of massage is ShivagoKomarpaj, an Indian doctor, although its true origins are not sure. This massage involves peripheral stimulation, which means that only the outside part of the body is being acted upon. This massage makes use of pressing and stretching, as well as making use of the body weight of the therapist. This is best for those who want to promote over-all good health, and those who frequently engage in sports.


Shiatsu Massage

This type of massage, like Thai Massage also makes use of Pressure, and allows toxins and old blood to be expelled from the muscles and thus rejuvenate the tissue. There are a lot of angles that are reached here that can’t be reached with other massage techniques, making it the perfect one for rejuvenation and relaxation.